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All you product questions answered …….

These Wonderful Infusions of Flower Essences and Essential Oils will calm, balance uplift , nourish and support your entire being, mind body and spirit 

These products are completely natural and handmade by me with an abundance of love and gratitude  on my beautiful  bush property on the out skirts of Melbourne in the Yarra Valley. Each bottle is made with intention and placed in the earth to honour where the ingredients came from and to  allow the earth energy to also be infused in each bottle.

WHO are they for?

For You and your entire family! By incorporating the infusions into you daily life and home you will be reconnecting to self and mumma earth calming, grounding  and balancing your mind body and spirit  and supporting yourself to reconnect. 

Suitable for babies, children, tweens, adults & elderly. Safe for everyone. Tested only on humans.

WHAT do they do?

My Infusions are made with the loving intention of supporting you to reconnect you back to your heart and mumma earth. They support us  through the emotions we face on a daily basis, anxiety, stress , through times of change, heightend emotions, disconnection, supporting you to settle, calm, ground, breathe and find a sense of balance within, Depending on which product they can also  uplift your and nourish your spirit or simply to relax and unwind after a long day. They are also wonderful to create a calmer enviroment to live in.

HOW do they work for you?

Flower Essences have always exsited. Traditional Aboriginal cultures would drink the early morning dew found on the flowers according to what emotional aid they needed. Flower Essences have been used since ancient times and by many different cultures worldwide for their emotional and physical wellbeing. They are most commonly known and used in a time of crisis. Flower essences are simply a liquid of a particular flower, they have no flavour or smell.

Flower essences may support and balance the emotions and may help to clear and dissolve negative self-limiting thoughts, beliefs and values. Changing your negative thought patterns into a positive outlook, a subtle and gentle way to bring balance and harmony back into your life. This in turn allows your inner true self to shine though!

Essential Oils – rapidly absorbed into your bloodstream, essential oils may have a powerfully positive effect on both your emotional and physical health. By simply taking a deep breath in and smelling the beautiful aromas of the essential oils can change the way you feel.

The Oils blends are made with 100% certified organic Jojoba Oil which I wonderfully nourishing and soothing for the skin.

What to choose a Mist or Oil….

This is really a personal preference they both  are as equally supportive just remember to breathe in those beautiful aromas

Oils massage into specific areas for desired effects eg. for ‘Earth rub into your temples & feet, for ‘Heaven  massaged into the chest area.  dont forget to cup your hand and breath in those divine aromas thats where the magic is!

Mists You can mist them over yourself just above you head and let the mist  fall over you and breathe in those divine aromas or create the feeling you desire by misting all around your home/work space/car etc

The mists and Oils are wonderful to support you on a daily basis and both work equally as well to the choice is yours!!

Drops –  The drops cut to the core of your concerns and may help to dissolve your old self limiting patterns and beliefs.This is why they are avaliable through a consultation as I feel that support is often needed as the changes occur.

Ingredient Purity and Safety

Integrity of Ingredients

These infusions are holistically formulated with organic, wild harvested, all natural & therapeutic grade ingredients.

We use glass jars and bottles to protect against leaching of harmful chemicals from plastic containers.

What we guarantee you:

MK_bullet-point NO Synthetic Fragrances
MK_bullet-point NO Harmful Preservatives
MK_bullet-point NO Sodium Lauryl Sulphate
MK_bullet-point NO Propyl ingredient
MK_bullet-point NO Petro-Chemicals
MK_bullet-point NO Mineral Oils or Palm Oils
MK_bullet-point TESTED on Loved Ones only

CARE FOR YOUR Infusions!

Please look after your unique handmade collection by storing below 30°C and out of direct sunlight.

What else is you need to know about these wellbeing infusions…….

100% Australian Made, by hand with love

100% Australian Owned

Ethical Packaging

Minimising our Carbon Footprint we avoid excessive packaging and recycle where ever possible

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