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The MK Signature balance is for YOU

When these are prevalent in your life……. 

MK_bullet-point Stress
MK_bullet-point Anxiety
MK_bullet-point Overwhelm
MK_bullet-point Depression
MK_bullet-point Tension
MK_bullet-point Overthinking
MK_bullet-point Unable to relax
MK_bullet-point Emotions running wild

The MK Signature balance a combined healing modality incorporating essential oils and flower essences. It has been created specifically for people whom are challenged with anxiety, depression, stress and who feel weighed down by life.

Using a combination of essential oils and flower essences being placed on specific points of the body enabling balance, release, ease of stress, anxiety, tension and overwhelming emotions.

Leaving you feeling relaxed, often blissed out, with a greater sense of awareness, clarity, an overall feeling of peace and balance within yourself.

Nurture yourself by Bringing your mind, emotions and physical body back into balance

A beautiful way to RE-connect Self back to your own self-awareness and grounding into the present moment.


“Last night I had my first MK Signature Balance with Melinda.  I knew I needed to get my energy and feelings back to a more positive state and Melinda and I had a wonderful chat about what was going on for me.  I felt understood, supported and totally comfortable.  I was able to verbalise and recognise thoughts and emotions that had me feeling totally unbalanced, lacking in self-confidence, overwhelmed, even a little anxious.  Melinda explained what would happen during the session and we got started!

I experienced a deep calm instantly and a quietness of mind that I rarely ever experience – even in all those mediations and yoga classes I do, often I find it hard to let the thoughts go and truly be present.   But throughout Melinda’s treatment I felt completely present. The incredible smells of the essential oils and Melinda’s touch really felt nurturing.  It was like a total re set where all those worries vanished. I know I also integrated some things I needed to in order to move on. 

I woke this morning still feeling present and balanced and this blissful peaceful feeling has stayed with me all day!  Melinda has a truly intuitive understanding of what you need and I look forward to returning to experience the essential oils again.  Lovely!”



“What a treat my MK Wellbeing Signature Balance was. I felt so lovingly held and supported by Melinda during the entire process and found the experience to be incredibly insightful, healing and balancing. I walked away feeling very relaxed and at peace within myself. I loved creating my unique oil and flower essence blend at the end of the session and its been a beautiful way to integrate the healing and remind me of my intention in my day to day life.”

Sara Brooke – The space in between


“What an amazing treatment is the MK Signature balance, I felt relaxed throughout with all the stress and anxiety of my day moving through quickly. I was able to process different emotions while on the table and the oils being placed on me. It took me to a level of quite that I hadn’t experienced for a long time, while helping me process what was going on, on an emotional level.

I walked away calm and relaxed knowing that I had worked through some of my stuff without any effort.

I recommend the MK Signature balance to anyone that needs to relax or if you need to work through emotional issues it will help as well, it works on so many different levels everyone can benefit for this treatment.”

Diane Collett – Angelic Presence


“OMG that was amazing  I just felt like I had a massage for 4 hours,( 1hour session) but that was even better, I can’t explain it  but I can tell you I haven’t felt this peaceful and relaxed in months”


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