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My journey to MK Wellbeing

My journey to MK Wellbeing

I first was introduced to flower essence over 18 years ago good old “Rescue Remedy” on my wedding day!!! I remember taking this a few times in my early years, however my deeper connection and absolute love of flower essences started just over 10 years ago……I remember comforting my 7 year old daughter through her anxiety and worries. I was talking her through some things and then our eyes connected I stared deeply into them it was like I was looking into her soul and  in that moment I realised OMG she feels like I do, she was reflecting all of my deepest fears , insecurities  and worries right back at me, they were mine, what had I done I had given my own daughter my “stuff” it hit me like a tonne of bricks. It was a heartbreaking realisation for me as all I ever wanted or any parent wants for that matter is for your children to be happy and feel good about themselves…… and my baby didn’t and beneath all the pretending neither did I.

After beating myself for a little while I realised I had to do or find something for my daughter and more importantly for me. I knew deep down I was the catalyst for the change here I knew I had to delve into my murky waters to help my daughter heal. I needed to find something to help me and then bingo……. I found FLOWER ESSENCES.

Talk about a life changing discovery…….they have supported me to shift and transform my self-limiting beliefs behaviours and patterns! They have helped me to let go and release many layers of emotional baggage, trust me I had enough to fill an airport baggage carousel.  I am now no longer consumed by my heavy emotions that kept me stuck for so long. I rediscovered ME…. As for my now 17 year old daughter well she is a teenager but she is grounded, confident and most of all she in uniquely her….trust me on the unique bit…she is awesome, and I truly believe if I didn’t do the “work” on me then this would not be the case!

Lets keep how flower essences “work” really simple.

Every flower holds its own unique vibration and therefore different flowers will support your emotional wellbeing in different ways. So depending on where/what you need support will depend on which flower essence you will take.

I believe that everything holds a vibration our emotions, our thoughts and our physical body. So if I break our emotions down very simply into two vibrational categories.

1: heavy:  anger, frustration, guilt, grief, stress, fear resentment, shame, bitterness these emotions weigh us down they keep small and feeling heavy and our heart closed
2: Light:  joy, love, gratitude, compassion, kindness, happiness, these emotions uplift us they open our hearts and give us freedom and balance

These heavy emotions consume us keep us stuck, hidden and disconnected from our true essence. I believe flower essences seep into those heavy emotions and start to lift them up, they support us to raise these vibrations so we can unravel our layers, clear and dissolve these weighty heavy emotions, then we can come into balance and reconnect to our true essence. That’s where the magic is!

Now I am not saying that by simply taking a flower essences you are going let go of all your heavy “baggage” and live happily ever after life simply isn’t like that. You have to do some work to. I believe it all starts with taking responsibility for YOU and consciously becoming aware and allowing yourself to embrace all of your emotions and Yes the flower will support you along the way.

As for what flower essence you need well there are many out there to choose from and I honestly believe it’s a personal choice I don’t feel one is better than another you will be drawn to the “right” ones. My advice is to TRUST you own inner guidance if it FEELS good then it is good!

I LOVED flower essences so much that I have studied them for years and became a qualified flower essence practioner (through a wonderful course with Leonie Blackwell) so I could share them with the world!!! . The Australian Bush Flower Essences are what resonated with in my earlier days mainly because they were made here and I felt very drawn to work with the vibration of Australia and where I lived. These essences supported me to unravel my layers enough to be able to hear my inner voice which was guiding me to make my very own unique range of flower essences from the wild flowers on my bush property.

Wow what a journey it has been and a story for another time. However I will say that Over the past 3 years I have had an amazing transformational journey making each one of my very own unique essences (15 so far) my range has taken me deeply through each  charka (didn’t realise that at the time) and balanced them  I have  reprogrammed my belief system to what FEELS  right for me. I feel more connected than I have before and I now can wholeheartly say I love who I am…….that I thought I would never be able to say!

Flower essences are a gift from mother nature, a gift that supports us to reconnect to our hearts.  Our true essence of who we uniquely are lies within all of us we just need to unravel our layers and allow ourselves to BE ourselves

If you feel drawn to know more about MK wellbeing here is a little of what I offer

MK_bullet-point Practioners range of wellbeing products
MK_bullet-point 1:1 Flower essence healing sessions
MK_bullet-point Intuitive flower essence workshops on my bush property
MK_bullet-point 8 weeks transformational journey through flower essences


My heart is open if you would like to share your journey with me.

Much Love

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