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What are Flower Essences?

Flower Essences have always exsited. Traditional Aboriginal cultures would drink the early morning dew found on the flowers according to what emotional aid they needed. Flower Essences have been used since ancient times and by many different cultures worldwide for their emotional and physical wellbeing. They are most commonly known and used in a time of crisis. Flower essences are simply a liquid of a particular flower, they have no flavour or smell.

Flower essences will support and balance the emotions and help to clear and dissolve negative self-limiting thoughts, beliefs and values. Changing your negative thought patterns into a positive outlook, a subtle and gentle way to bring balance and harmony back into your life.

Every flower has their own healing property that can interact with our emotional, physical or spiritual imbalance and bring us back into balance so that we can experience a happier, healthier life.

The beautiful thing about Flower essences is they will compliment every health modality and will not interfere with other practitioners medications.

How to take/use flower essences:

Flower essence are usually taken orally under the tongue, I find this the the best way to cut to the core of any emotional issues and start to dissolve these imbalances. I also love to use flower essences blended with essential oils in creams and mists to balance and support me in my everyday life. Please feel free to explore my products

Flower Essences are completely natural and truly amazing!

Who are they for?

Anyone and everyone! ……. from babies to tweens, teens, adults and the elderly even animals!

Here are just a few ways flower essences may help you!

MK_bullet-point Calm your emotions  
MK_bullet-point Overcome fears
MK_bullet-point Heal deep seeded grief
MK_bullet-point Find your life direction
MK_bullet-point Release and clear self limiting thoughts and beliefs
MK_bullet-point Let go of old patterns
MK_bullet-point Enhance your self worth and self esteem
MK_bullet-point Give you confidence and clarity
MK_bullet-point Ease physical condtions
MK_bullet-point Overcome obsticles and challenges
MK_bullet-point Feel great about yourselfI could go on….

They are amazing and I have personally experienced the wonders and amazing healing power of flowers essences and have had the honour of witnessing the beautiful transformations in my husband, my children, friends and clients, I now see them experiencing their life without fear and taking on the challenges that life can bring with an amazing sense of balance, clarity, compassion and understanding they have a true sense of who they are and make choices and decisions that is right for them! I am blessed to be apart of their journeys!  I can honestly say I would not be who I am or where I am if it wasnt for these magical flowers!

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