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About Essential Oils

Did you know that our sense of smell is the only one of our senses that can access our limbic part of the brain. This is why often when you smell something it can take you back to a particular memory, time or place! You can have direct access to you past with your sense of smell!

So what is the limbic brain ? It’s our emotional centre it controls our moods, emotions and beliefs.
It the part of the brain that influences your memory, appetite, stress levels, hormone balance, and everyday emotions and is particularly sensitive to the healing effects of essential oils.

Essential oils are rapidly absorbed into your blood stream, creating a powerful effect on emotional and physical health. The moment you inhale the beautiful aromas your body has already absorbed (via the membrane/lining of your nose) the tiny oil molecules and begun circulating them through your blood and tissues. This is why they can have an almost immediate effect on our emotional state when inhaled or place on specific points of the body. So depending on which particular essential oil you are using will depend on your emotional and physical response.

This is why I created the MK wellbeing infusions, so lovely people like you could have a natural product to support them on an emotional level and daily basis. They are fast acting, amazingly supportive, provide comfort and bring balance. For me they give me a sense that someone is there holding my hand especially during big shifts and changes.

There are many different essential oil brands and I really encourage you to do your research thoroughly to make sure you are using the highest quality 100% natural with NO SYNTHETICS in them; they will not provide the emotional support I am talking about.

Something I do myself to know whether I feel it is a PURE essential oil without synthetics it to smell them. Take a deep breath inhaling the essential oil and if it lingers and feels heavy in your nose (I always feel a dull headache straight away) then I feel it may contain synthetics. Pure essential oils are lively and sharp and shouldn’t linger and you should FEEL something when inhaling it. ( not a headache!!)

Essential oils have been used since ancient times in many different cultures to support, cleanse and clear emotions, spaces and for protection from evil spirits and to heal their physical bodies.

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