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MK_profile-pic2Hey there I’m Melinda

Thanks so much for taking the time to be here.

Have you been on the roller-coaster ride of anxiety and worry?

Always worrying whether you have said the right thing, done the right thing and at times not really even knowing what the right thing is??? Yearning to fit in somewhere and always feeling if you just keep trying and doing things for others you would eventually FIT in……and you would be accepted and feel good.

This was me I put EVERYONE else and their needs before mine…Especially after marrying and becoming a mum of three children.

I was feeling suffocated by life consumed by everyone and  everything around me. I just felt like I was drowning in my own repetitive thoughts and ALWAYS feeling sick to my stomach, overthinking and creating things in my mind  that to be honest were NEVER going to even happen…

The anxiety, the worry, the fear the judgement, the overwhelm and the simmering anger that was brewing inside…. It was just bubbling away but I must say I did manage to put a good mask on and the I’m fine response to hide it or just have a few drinks to feel better for a moment!!

Until one day my then 7 year old daughter looked at me deeply in the eyes when I was comforting her through her anxiety and worry and BANG I realised she feels how I feel……..It was like my heart broke the pain in my chest was unexplainable ….I had passed on my stuff all my SHIT onto my baby….OMG OMG OMG I went into panic and beat myself up for a little while and then I began to search and seek out different things for anxiety to support my baby girls emotional wellbeing so she didn’t have to go through what I was going through and feel like I felt….. and then that light bulb went off……

This wasn’t about fixing HER this is about fixing ME, she was just my reflection…..  to help her I had to start to help me……

I have now merged my study, qualifications and absolute love and passion of flower essences, essential oils and holistic counselling with my own experiences of living with anxiety, being a parent for the last 17 years and in a marriage for 20years to create my heart driven business MK Wellbeing.

I am passionate about supporting and guiding people to take control of their anxiety empowering them to choose what feels right for them and to bring their emotional wellbeing back into state of balance and truth.

Everyone needs to embrace and FEEL good about who they uniquely are and I would love to be able to support you to live a happy and balanced life.

I believe that everyone is born with their own unique gifts and when we allow ourselves to reconnect to them and our hearts is where we find our  balance, truth and happiness.

Much Love


“Flower essences have been my journey, they have been my constant support. They have allowed me to re-discover the true essence of who I am, I want others to discover their true essence, letting go of their self-limiting beliefs and patterns and allowing their own unique light to shine brightly in the world….flower  essences will hold your hand through our ever changing lives in which we live ”

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